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How Passle optimises for SEO

How Passle optimises for SEO

Passle promotes content for the search engines in three ways:


As a SAAS product, we are able at Passle to iterate our development process to ensure that any content hosted by Passle will score very highly against the benchmark Google SEO tool (Lighthouse). You can analyse your own site at ( to see this score.

SEO can be optimised through changes to the structure of the page so a score of 100/100 is possible with work and given that these changes benefit all our clients, this is very worth our while. As an example, the page you are presently viewing on is rated at 99/100 (I promise we haven't gamed this!)


Passle’s Digital Transformation Suite uses a “Topic Cluster” technique through its Featured Post and Call to Action features. Using these, a client can highlight particular content and point other related pages at that key featured content - creating the Topic Cluster. The search engines, like your customers, follow the links and promote that key "pillar" content.

Topic Cluster


Finally, Google’s Bert update in 2020 was designed to promote content that aimed to solve their user's problems (above content that was deliberately written for the search engines). So a key aim for law and professional services firms, from an SEO point of view, is to get those problem-solving experts creating short, digestible content. Passle does this very well indeed.