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Why Associate Lawyers Should Harness Thought Leadership

Why Associate Lawyers Should Harness Thought Leadership

The benefits of Associate Lawyers producing current, client-relevant, and easily digestible thought leadership to drive business development and promote their own personal brands are explained in an excellent blog article published by Passle.

When it comes to content marketing, the focus should be on creating and supporting conversations that serve as a foundation for the creation of new relationships as well as the maintenance of existing ones.

A client's relationship with their advisors, such as their accountant or lawyer, may last years or even decades in a professional services firm. This contrasts with many other industries, which are more transactional.

Developing relationships early in a career is critical, and authoritative content will help an Associate differentiate themselves from their peers, attract new clients, and strengthen existing client relationships.

If Associates adopt this behaviour early in their careers, they will develop a reputation as trusted advisors and become an integral part of their firm.

Check out the link below for the full article.

Passle makes it quick and easy for lawyers to create client-relevant and timely content online. Adopted by many of the leading global law firms, Passle is used by 1000's of lawyers including Equity & Managing Partners through to Trainees and Junior Associates. 


For any lawyer, thought leadership is an effective way to build your profile online that accurately demonstrates your knowledge and showcases that you are on top of timely matters within the industries you serve