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Master the art of headlines that connect

Master the art of headlines that connect

What makes your law firm special? Why is your firm unique? What can you offer that your competitors can’t?

These are all questions you need to ask to set your firm apart from your competitors. They help you determine your unique selling point (USP). Your USP answers one fundamental question for your clients: why should they engage you instead of a competitor? USPs are pivotal to your firm’s operations and marketing activities. Yet many companies find it hard to establish how they’re different from the rest.

Stand out from the crowd – establish your USP

Your unique selling point is part of your firm’s identity. It’s a thing – or several – that your firm is known for. This could be something like your percentage of cases won, your team, your clients, or your specialism.

  • Build trust and credibility for your business
  • Connect better with your clients as you know who they are
  • Position your brand with clear and consistent messaging
  • Improve your revenue and market share
  • Develop customer loyalty and retention

How to establish your USP

Creating a USP is a vital aspect of your sales and marketing efforts. Still, it’s not always an easy thing to establish. Here are some things you can do to establish your unique selling point.

  1. Understand your client base

It’s much harder to establish your USP if you don’t know who your clients are or what they need. What drives them to make purchasing decisions?  

It can be helpful to undertake market research, particularly by creating buyer personas of your most important clients. Who is your ideal client, what do they struggle with and what are their key goals? Consider your client demographics, such as location, culture, job roles, and other factors influencing buying decisions.

  1. Take time to develop ideas

When you’ve established who your ideal client is, the next thing you need to do is work out how you provide a solution to the problems they are trying to solve. For instance, if you’re known for your high success rate, then own that – statistics are powerful for brand messaging. 

Consider your specific niche – what kinds of services are you known for? Which types of legal services are your firm most experienced in? It’s not enough to say ‘we’re a great law firm, hire us.’ Your customers need to know why and what makes you different. Address their painpoints first with why you are important for them, then how you can help and finally what you can do.

  1. Create excellent copy for your website with your USP

Once you’ve established your USP, you need to flaunt it. Take our website for example:

The heading on our legal website is:

‘World-class websites built for small to mid-sized legal firms.’

Our USP is that our specialist team understands that small to mid-sized firms must find unique ways to stand out in saturated marketplaces with their websites. We know that legal firms often don’t have the time to create websites and write authoritative content due to heavy caseloads.  

We solve this problem by creating bespoke websites designed with our customers in mind. We have the expertise to develop a website that will optimise your chances of converting website visitors into new clients. 

  1. Tell your brand’s story with your writing

Your USP will have more impact if it elicits an emotional response from your readers.

For instance, Apple utilises the heading ‘adventure awaits’ for its Apple watch ultra. This short heading tells us a few things about the Apple Watch

  • It’s durable enough to withstand damage when someone is out exploring.
  • It has GPS functionality
  • The battery life is designed to withstand long times away from a charging port
  • It incorporates mobile data so you don’t have to be disconnected when exploring.

Powerful messaging and the right words can go a long way in communicating your brand’s identity and what differentiates you from the rest.

Your brand is unique – your website should reflect that.

Make sure your headings have impact

  • Headers are signposts to guide your visitors through your text structure
  • Header text needs to be read at a glance – make sure it is clear and easily readable
  • Keep headers short, with clear and large fonts
  • Use headers to improve accessibility, helping screenreaders understand the page structure
  • Add header tags like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 so search engines identify them as headers when indexing the website and improve search engine optimisation (SEO)

Tell your brand’s story with a unique website design

Your visitors want easy-to-navigate, well-branded websites with helpful content - 47% of visitors expect your website to load in two seconds. Does yours? By specialising with small to medium law firms that want to grow their presence, we have a unique understanding of how to help you level up and compete with larger firms. 

We build design-rich, super-fast JamStack websites integrated with the leading content marketing platform for professional service firms, Passle. JamStack websites easily integrate with third-party services, meaning that you can add, update, and change features without having to rebuild the back end. This is why Amazon, Nike, Tesla, Louis Vuitton, and Peloton are just some of the big international brands that have moved to JamStack. Create a unique user experience and stand out from the crowd. 

By offering small and mid-sized law firms the best-in-class digital technologies, you can demonstrate to both clients and talent why you should be their first choice.

Talk with us. We offer a free "digital discovery session" where we evaluate your current digital footprint, identify your needs, and give you expert advice on how to improve your online presence.  |