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Unlock the potential of your firm’s website by increasing visitor engagement

Unlock the potential of your firm’s website by increasing visitor engagement

You're walking through a busy shopping complex. You're looking for a store that captures your attention. What draws you in?

Imagine that your website is one of those stores. Would you, as a prospective client, want to enter based on your first impression? 

Your value proposition is strong, and your professional services are of the highest level. Still, if you don't capture your clients' attention immediately, you may have already lost them. 

With just 50 milliseconds to make an impact and 47% of website visitors expecting a load time of two seconds or less, it is vital that your website immediately showcases the essence of your firm and creates a positive impression.

Your website is the 24/7 shop window for your firm. It needs to be compelling, fast, and easy to navigate if your clients want to explore your services and engage.

The importance of good website design

1. Make a good first impression

Your website can be the first impression your clients have of you. 

If your website takes aeons to load, looks like somebody made it in the 90s, or your user experience (UX) is poor, why should they stick around?

2. Build authority

Your clients will judge you based on your online presence.

If your website is outdated, your clients may think your reputation is questionable. On the other hand, people are more likely to trust your brand if your website caters to their needs.

3. Improve searchability

Did you know that the first organic search result on Google has a click-through rate (CTR) of around 28.5%, the second has a CTR of 15%, and the third has a CTR of 11%? After this, the chances of click-throughs gradually decrease with each passing listing. 25% of users click the first organic result in Google Search. 

A bespoke website optimised for search engines increases your prospects of reaching the top of search rankings, attracting more clients.

Alternatively, you could make it onto the second page of search results, where there's a higher chance that someone will discover Bigfoot than your website!  

4. Stay competitive

There are c. 9,800 UK law firms, with the top 10 having 35% market share. 87% of UK legal firms have websites but lag behind US, Canada and Australia in technology adoption.

Countless legal firms are competing for your future client's business. You must ensure that your website is enticing enough to convert clients.

Competitors are updating their websites – it's time to level up.

Top design tips that drive increased engagement

1. Immediately capture attention – above the fold

The average time spent on a web page is 54 seconds. That leaves little time to wow your clients.

Research from the Nielsen Norman Group found that web visitors spend 57% of their time on the top part of the web page – known as 'above the fold'. It's the first thing your customer will find before they scroll down your page, so it's a critical area to capture interest and entice them to continue scrolling down. Include strong, clear messaging and make it impactful. Include at least two calls to action (CTAs)

2. Be consistent and accessible

To establish a connection, your clients need to know who you are – be accessible to all. Consistent branding establishes credibility, awareness, and personality and drives connection with your client. 

39% of consumers value colour over any other aspect of a website's design – 22% are looking for vivid colours. Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Select a colour scheme that complements your brand with clear typography. Ensure your site is compliant with Website Accessibility Standards so you are more accessible to more people.

Using white space and texture can also be effective. Use visual elements for those that can see on your website to differentiate yourself from your competitors – images or videos can be particularly powerful.

Consider the language you use and how your website functions to ensure that nobody is excluded from accessing your site.

3. Ensure navigation is easy

Your website must have a great user experience. 

It needs to be easy to use and straightforward to navigate to enhance client conversion. You want your clients to engage with specific elements on your website, like calls to action, blog posts, videos, service pages etc. Organise your elements according to priority, known as visual hierarchy, 

Around 55% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices – can mobile users easily navigate your website? How does your navigation fair with screen readers?

4. Loading should be fast

The average page load time is 15 seconds. Every second your visitor has to wait for your page to load, your conversion rate drops by 4%.

If your website is slow, then there's a strong chance that your users will look elsewhere out of frustration. Ensure your site loads as quickly as possible to retain visitors.

5. Keep headings clear

Strong copy will set you apart from your competitors – especially in your headings. 

Tap into your copywriting abilities and weave your brand's story in snappy and succinct headlines, or get an expert to help you. Check out other legal firms for inspiration.

6. Include calls to action 

A call to action (CTA) encourages your visitor to do something – e.g. visit another page on your website, get in touch, complete a form etc. Ensure that your website has at least two CTAs to increase conversion rates. 

Incorporate well-designed CTA buttons to guide your clients to complete an action. It needs to be something that readers can gravitate towards or navigate to. Your client wants a solution to their problems. Make sure they don't have to look far for the answers.

Own a website that gives you an ROI

Your visitors want easy-to-navigate, well-branded websites with helpful content - 47% of visitors expect your website to load in two seconds. Does yours? By specialising with small to medium law firms that want to grow their presence, we have a unique understanding of how to help you level up and compete with larger firms. 

We build design-rich, super-fast JamStack websites integrated with the leading content marketing platform for professional services, Passel. JamStack websites easily integrate with third-party services, meaning that you can add, update, and change features without having to rebuild the back end. This is why Amazon, Nike, Tesla, Louis Vuitton, and Peloton are just some of the big international brands that have moved to JamStack. Create a unique user experience and stand out from the crowd. 

By offering small and mid-sized law firms the best-in-class digital technologies, you can demonstrate to both clients and talent why you should be their first choice.

Talk with us. We offer a free "digital discovery session" where we evaluate your current digital footprint, identify your needs, and give you expert advice on how to improve your online presence.  |