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The future of professional service firms

The future of professional service firms

PWC has created a great report around the key drivers of success for professional services firms. 

Talent. Technology. Data

Firms should prioritise their people, build resilience, and derive meaningful insights from data to better anticipate and respond to market shifts. 

Optimising skills and talent is not optional as people are the heart of professional services firms. To attract and retain top talent, firms must evolve along with shifting employee expectations. A human-centered strategy can make teams more connected, insightful, and successful.

Companies adopting new technologies may worry about job security, but digitisation can make teams more connected, insightful, and successful. 

CFOs who have made progress in digital acceleration have recognised that such investments will leave their companies better off in the long run.

Professional services firms can future-proof their businesses by adopting a holistic approach to digital transformation, starting with technology platforms that unify the business. By embedding agile capabilities such as data accessibility and cross-functional collaboration, firms can better understand clients' needs and respond appropriately.

Data is critical to professional services firms, and investing in solutions that derive more meaning from available data is key. Platforms that enrich data with contextual metadata can deliver valuable insights. Combining data from different areas of the business can give teams a holistic view and help them better serve clients.

By prioritising talent, technology, and data, professional services firms can differentiate themselves from the competition and prepare for an uncertain future.

more than one-third of firms now expect that 75% or more of their revenue will come from digital within three years. This figure has tripled since 2019.