Insights > Case study: Explosive growth for e-commerce with SEO and AI-powered page scaling


Case study: Explosive growth for e-commerce with SEO and AI-powered page scaling

Case study: Explosive growth for e-commerce with SEO and AI-powered page scaling

The online marketplace is crowded, and every click can lead to a conversion. Standing out and being competitive in the search results is paramount for e-commerce brands. We wanted to showcase the journey of one such brand, utilising a solution that we deliver in collaboration with our partner Melt Digital , which, through strategic SEO enhancements and the innovative use of automation, offers a positive vision for e-commerce businesses aiming to elevate their online visibility and drive explosive growth. While the brand remains unnamed, the story is a testament to the transformative power of digital strategy executed with precision and creativity.

Crafting the blueprint for success

The brand in focus, a purveyor of contemporary furniture, faced a declining online presence. Despite a quality product line-up, their visibility on search engines was fading, with traffic and rankings in a downward spiral. The challenge was clear: revitalise the brand's digital footprint to not only stop the slide but to propel it forward.

Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork with SEO Optimisation

The initial phase centred around enhancing the existing digital assets. This began with a thorough technical SEO audit to identify and rectify underlying issues that could be hindering the brand's search engine performance. Following the audit, attention was turned to the product listing pages (PLPs), which are often the frontline in capturing organic search traffic.

Optimisations included:

  • Technical fixes to improve site speed, mobile responsiveness, and indexing capabilities.
  • Keyword optimisation helps align PLPs with specific inventory searches and customer intent, ensuring that products are easily discoverable by the right audience.
  • Content enhancement to make product descriptions more engaging and keyword-relevant.
  • Internal linking improvements boost site structure and navigation, facilitate a smoother user journey, and bolster SEO.



Phase 2: Expanding Reach with Automated Page Scaling

With the foundation solidified, the strategy expanded to capture new traffic opportunities through the creation of additional, highly targeted PLPs. This phase was underpinned by:

  • Strategic keyword research to uncover unmet search demands related to the brand's product inventory.
  • Automated content creation, leveraging generative AI to produce optimised copy for new PLPs, ensured each page was crafted with precision to match search intent.
  • Rapid deployment of 150 new PLPs, each designed to target specific segments of potential customers, based on detailed keyword mapping.

This approach allowed for the agile scaling of the brand's digital presence, targeting a wider array of search queries with content that resonated with user intent and preferences.



The Results: Explosive Growth

The impact of these strategic interventions was profound. Within just 6 months, the brand saw:

  • A 500% increase in non-brand traffic to collection pages significantly broadened the brand's reach.
  • A 52% surge in revenue underscores the direct link between SEO efforts and financial performance.
  • A 75% uptick in conversions, reflecting enhanced user engagement and a smoother path to purchase.

Beyond Numbers: The Strategic Takeaways

This case study illuminates the critical role of SEO and automation in crafting a successful digital strategy for e-commerce brands. The journey from obscurity to prominence on search engines is not just about technical tweaks or content creation. It's about understanding and aligning with user intent, leveraging automation to scale efforts efficiently, and continuously optimising to stay ahead of the curve.

For businesses looking to replicate this success, the key lies in embracing a holistic view of SEO, seeing it not as a one-time fix but as an ongoing strategy that integrates with all facets of digital marketing. Automation emerges as a powerful ally in this endeavour, enabling brands to amplify their reach and relevance with speed and precision.

At Indie Ridge, we share this narrative to inspire and guide businesses through the complex digital landscape. As we delve into the nuances of SEO and automation, the goal remains clear: to empower brands to achieve their full digital potential, turning every search into a stepping stone towards growth.

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