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7 steps to creating effective thought leadership content

7 steps to creating effective thought leadership content

In the highly competitive professional services sector, establishing a position as a thought leader is more than a mere advantage; it's a strategic necessity. Thought leadership elevates a firm above its competition and provides immense value by educating, informing, and influencing clients and prospects. However, the path to achieving this status through content creation is beset with challenges. 

Here's a quick guide to successfully navigating these challenges for any aspiring thought leader:

Challenge: Navigating the tension between regular content production and quality is a significant challenge, as indicated by the Content Marketing Institute, with 63% of businesses struggling to maintain this balance. For professional services firms, where the demand for thought leadership is high, this is particularly difficult due to the intensive nature of their work and the scarcity of time. 

Solution: Establishing a robust content strategy is critical. This includes developing a comprehensive content calendar that serves as a visual plan aligned with the firm's objectives and resource availability. Scheduling specific times for content creation and adhering to these can prevent other professional duties from taking precedence over thought leadership activities. Encouraging a collaborative environment within the firm can also help distribute the workload more evenly. Experts within the firm can contribute their knowledge, whilst external partnerships with content creation agencies can provide a boost when internal resources are overextended. This will ensure a steady flow of quality content without compromising standards.

Challenge: According to LinkedIn, decision-makers frequently ignore unsolicited contact but place high value on content that is both current and anticipates industry trends. For professional services firms, staying relevant requires agility and foresight, given the fast pace at which industry regulations, technologies, and best practices evolve. 

Solution: To remain at the forefront of industry developments, firms should employ real-time monitoring tools such as Google Alerts and actively subscribe to top industry publications. This commitment to staying informed enables firms to create content that not only resonates with present-day issues but also positions them as thought leaders by providing insights into future trends. Moreover, active participation in industry think tanks, roundtable discussions, and key conferences can offer a wealth of knowledge that can be transformed into forward-thinking thought leadership content.

Challenge: The difficulty lies in translating high-level expertise into content that engages a general audience; a nuanced skill that many professionals find challenging. 

Solution: The key is to convey complex ideas in an accessible manner without compromising the content's depth. This can be achieved by employing straightforward language, crafting compelling stories, and including relatable case studies that illustrate key points. Having content reviewed by non-specialists can ensure it remains approachable to a wider audience.

Challenge: As emphasised by Harvard Business Review, the creation of content that deeply resonates with the specific concerns and interests of clients and prospects is essential for engagement. 

Solution: Conducting thorough audience research with tools like surveys, interviews, and feedback forms is indispensable. This research can form the basis for developing detailed personas, which can then guide a content strategy that directly addresses client challenges and positions the firm as a trusted advisor and problem-solver.

Challenge: Measuring the impact of thought leadership content is complex, as revealed by LinkedIn and Edelman surveys, with many firms lacking confidence in their measurement methodologies. 

Solution: Adoption of sophisticated analytics tools is vital for tracking engagement and determining the impact of content. Regularly reviewing these metrics and translating them into actionable strategies can fine-tune the approach to thought leadership, ensuring that content not only aligns with the strategic goals but also substantially contributes to the firm's stature as an industry leader.

Challenge: As Forbes reports, audiences are seeking authentic insights from real experts now more than ever. 

Solution: Fostering a culture where knowledge-sharing is encouraged and supported is essential. By investing in training and development, and providing platforms for experts to express their insights, firms can ensure their content is genuinely expert-driven and resonates with authenticity.

Challenge: The intense schedules of professionals such as lawyers and consultants often relegate content creation to the backseat. 

Solution: By embedding content creation as an essential activity within the broader business development strategy, firms can ensure it receives the attention it deserves. This might involve allocating responsibilities or forming strategic partnerships for content creation to ensure a sustainable and high-quality output.

For professionals in the service sector, mastering these challenges is essential for producing thought-leadership content that truly resonates with clients and prospects. 

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